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A recent client of mine asked for help in how to demonstrate that she could step up to a more senior job in her current team and outsmart her competition during the interview.

We spent some time together discussing a few ways to prepare and I was delighted when I heard she secured the role.

I thought it would be helpful to put together a few quick tips for anyone who finds themselves in this position:

Find a mentor

Ask them for support – volunteer this information in the interview to show that you are taking the right steps to be successful in your career and you are challenging yourself.

Be a master of your current role

Be able to demonstrate how you are an expert of your current role and therefore ready for the next career step. Talk about this when you are summarizing yourself in the interview, for example being able to solve problems or improve processes.  You need to show that you cannot just handle your current role with ease but that you are exceptional!

Focus on your impact on the company as a whole

Try to focus on how you can make a bigger impact outside of your current role/team, perhaps in the wider department or region. Use examples in the interview to show that you understand how your work impacts the organization.

Understand what is different about the job prior to the interview

Study the job description and understand the key competencies (managing a team, innovation, creativity) for the role so that you can prepare suitable examples to show you have had some of that experience prior to the interview even if it’s not necessarily part of your current job description.

Make sure your boss knows you want it!

They might be able to help you develop in any areas that need work.  Ask the question What do you think I need to do to move up to the next level?” See more here about taking on a growth mindset.

Talk about experience outside of work

Make sure you include any relevant evidence of leadership skills outside of the workplace. This is still relevant experience that can add to the success of the interview.

Thanks for reading these quick tips. I am truly passionate about helping people find happiness and fulfillment in their careers.  I’m able to offer coaching in the following areas:

⁃ Specific work goals such as how to prepare for a promotion at work or how to become an effective leader;
⁃ Decisions regarding career change, using a variety of creative thinking and planning tools;
⁃ Enhancing your LinkedIn profile or resume and learning how to use LinkedIn to network effectively;
⁃ General interview preparation, or interview coaching for a specific job as well as how to create a personal brand during your interview.

I offer a 10 minute free session to assess coaching needs prior to any payment. Please message me if you are interested at