Ready to help support you in achieving success and happiness at work

Coaching for a better Work Life

Looking to make changes to your working life?  I can work with you on:

  1. Your values, vision and purpose
  2. Working towards success in your current role
  3. Discovering career opportunities elsewhere
  4. Support in managing your wellbeing and stress at work

$350 for five 40 minute sessions, includes coach preparation and follow up inbetween.

Job search strategy Coaching

Looking for a new job or found your ideal job and thinking about what you can do to stand out from other candidates?  I can help you expertly navigate the job search process and help you compete with the very best applicants, whether that be support with your LinkedIn profile, building your personal brand or helping out with your resume or a cover letter.

Full package Job Search strategy – full resume/CV review as detailed below plus 2 hours coaching and goal setting focused on any of these key areas – perfecting your LinkedIn profile, understanding and using LinkedIn effectively, the art of networking and exploring other job search resources. $675

Basic resume/CV review – detailed review of your current resume/CV with feedback given on changes to be made including one 40 minute coaching session and one 20 minute coaching session. $185

Full resume/CV rewrite – detailed review of your resume/CV, followed by session 1-1.5 hours to get a thorough understanding of your experience, jobs you are applying for, behavioral and technical competencies needed, a full rewrite followed by 30 minutes together to finalize. $475

Interview Preparation Coaching

Secured an interview and want to perfect and practice your interview skills?  I will help you prepare for your interview so that you can confidently bring evidence of your skills and experience into the interview and know what questions to expect and what questions to ask whilst standing out from other candidates with a unique personal brand.

$475 – this includes two 1.5 hour coaching sessions and all coach preparation work. The second session will be a full mock interview with feedback.

Executive & Leadership Coaching for businesses

I help leaders that are struggling with how to reach their full potential and make the right decisions by opening them up to new ideas in order to achieve greater success. Some examples of how I have helped leaders:

“How do I define what better performance means and develop an action plan to get there?”

“How do I manage my emotions better so that I can not let them get in the way of leading effectively?”

“As a new leader, how do I become worthier of respect by learning how I am perceived by others and identifying both behaviors that are effective and those that are counterproductive?”

Please contact me at and I can provide you with more information about Leadership coaching for businesses.



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I have over 20 years experience working with managers and executives in large international organizations across a number of different industries, with a heavy focus on Recruitment, Executive Development and Talent Management – identifying and preparing high potential individuals through coaching for key strategic positions.  I have provided coaching to Leaders for over 20 years and conducted over 1000 interviews across a broad spectrum of fields.

I was a founder and partner of a small profitable fitness business, where I was responsible for Marketing, Business Planning, Financials and Recruitment/Development of staff.

I live in the San Francisco Bay area and work with diverse clients around the world who want to make changes to their working life, helping them prepare for their next steps – whether that be 1. Going back to work after a long period of time off, 2. Changing jobs in their current company or elsewhere or 3. A complete change in career, starting a new business or personal endeavor.  I also provide Executive Coaching to businesses, resume writing support, help with job applications and Interview preparation including mock interviews and feedback.

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