Are you stuck in a rut, want to make a change but not sure where to start?

I can work with you on your skills, strengths, barriers and career desires, whether it be to improve your performance and satisfaction in your current job or whether you are looking for a complete change.

Have you found your ideal job and thinking about what you can do to stand out from other candidates and get your name ‘to the top of the list’?

I am ready to help you compete with the very best applicants, whether that be support with your LinkedIn profile, building your personal brand or helping out with your resume or a cover letter.

Or perhaps you have secured an interview and now wondering how you will perform in relation to other candidates?

1. Have you done your homework on the organization?

2. Are you ready to confidently bring evidence of your skills and experience into the interview?

3. Do you know what interview questions to expect?

4. Do you know what questions to ask in an interview?

5. Do you need help developing a personal brand to really stand out from other candidates?

interview preparation


  1. I will start by assessing your target/ideal job, and analyze your skills and experience to formulate a tailored plan to help you prepare.
  2. We will look to develop your own personal brand and work on interview questions and answers together.
  3. Finally we will perfect your responses through practice, practice and more practice, identifying weaker areas and how you can improve them.

Typically I do this through two 1.5 hour sessions.  These can be performed by telephone, Skype or if you are local to San Francisco, we can arrange to meet in person.

The 3 hour schedule can be flexible, and if desired, time can be spent on reviewing resumes and LinkedIn profiles (including your personal brand), reviewing your job search approach, salary negotiation or even determining your life goals!

SESSION 1 – Prior to our first session, I will gather information on your ideal job or specific job you have applied for, along with your skills and experience.  We will start session 1 with a mock interview, after which I’ll give you feedback.  We will talk about how you can build a strong, appealing personal brand and review your interview responses.  I’ll then give you some relevant exercises to prepare for the second session.

SESSION 2We will look at the preparation you have done prior to our session and we’ll perform another mock interview – in this session, you will get further coaching to help polish your interview answers and improve confidence prior to your interview.


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I have over 20 years experience working with managers and executives in large international organizations across a number of different industries, with a heavy focus on Recruitment, Executive Development and Talent Management – identifying and preparing high potential individuals through coaching for key strategic positions.  I have conducted over 1000 interviews across a broad spectrum of fields so I have a good idea from a recruiter’s perspective of what they are looking for.

I was a founder and partner of a small profitable fitness business, where I was responsible for Marketing, Business Planning, Financials and Recruitment/Development of staff.

Most recently I have been a career coach in San Francisco, working with clients primarily on the US West Coast who want to make changes to their working life, helping them prepare for their next steps -whether that be 1. Going back to work after a long period of time off, 2. Changing jobs in their current company or elsewhere or 3. A complete change in career, starting a new business or personal endeavor.  I provide resume writing support, help with job applications and Interview preparation including mock interviews and feedback.

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